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About Reinvest24

Reinvest24 team is working with the real estate market since 2005 and during this time we were involved with project development, investments in real estate, property sales and maintenance.

We understood that this business direction has enormous potential as you learn more and go deep into the details about different markets and investment opportunities. At the same time, it is a time-consuming process to find the best deals on the market. That was the reason, why we created this project and let you become our partner on the Reinvest24 platform.

First steps are always hard and swimming in the ocean of ‘investments’ is not an easy task. Selecting a real estate object that is providing a high return on investment requires knowledge of the industry, regional development plans, a lot of time for monitoring the market and experience in this field. Purchasing a real estate property usually requires considerable capital. Thus, it’s not always possible to acquire properties with an attractive yield for the average investor due to high price.

Reinvest24 platform is taking away the trouble and headaches of investing into real estate by using very professional help in selecting real estate properties to invest into, maintaining the properties, searching for tenants, doing renovations and other relevant activities.

You can make investments starting from 100 EUR and become a real estate investor in different countries without the need to apply for a bank loan.

We don’t just provide our services for our investors, but we also invest our money into the same properties on the same terms as our investors. This is the main reason why we are so sure of the value that our investemnt opportunities offer.

We open markets in new countries where real estate growth dynamics show better than average performance. Understanding and researching them together with local experts allows you to make smart investments worldwide and create a diversified portfolio. Choose your own investing strategy and follow our know-how.

We are always glad to receive feedback about our project and ready to listen to your suggestions.