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Albisoara Shopping center, Chisinau, Moldova

Insider updates on Albisoara shopping center


Reading Time: 4 minutes Pretty much all roads in Moldova lead to its wine-and-food loving capital city of Chisinau. We have prepared a fresh “Insider updates” series on the Albisoara Shopping Center development project from Chisinau, Moldova. If you are considering investing in Chisinau real estate  – keep reading.  Key facts about Albisoara development: LTV – 50% Collateral – …

Reinvest24 Q3 overview

Reinvest24 Q3 2020 overview


Reading Time: 3 minutes It is hard to believe that  ¾ of this turbulent but very inspiring year passed already. In case You missed some Reinvest24 updates for the past 3 months, don’t worry. The dream team is here to fill the missing gaps and share the most important news in Q3 2020 overview.  Properties If recently some investors …

5 factors that increase your investment

5 things that increase the price of your investment property


Reading Time: 5 minutes Do You know what is the most amazing thing about real estate investing? It is an asset class that almost always increases in value. How and what are the factors that increase the price of your investment property? Continue reading this article to find that out.  1. Location, location, location  The location of your real …

Bauskas 57 - Insider updates

Insider updates on Bauskas development project


Reading Time: 6 minutes We are back with the second edition of our insider updates. And this week’s guest is from Latvia – Bauskas development project. In this blog article, You will find out the latest updates about the project. Also, see the pictures from the very heart of construction work.  Update on the progress 22.09.2020: When it comes …

Reinvest24 Q2 overview

Q2 2020 property overview


Reading Time: 5 minutes In the past, our property quarter overviews were sent via email only to users who are invested in a particular project. Starting from Q1 2020, the overviews of our rental properties are available for everyone. We believe that this will increase the transparency and all our investors will have a better overview of what’s happening …

Moldovan real estate

7 Reasons Why Moldovan Real Estate is an Investment Gem


Reading Time: 5 minutes If you are hunting for hidden gems in the European real estate investment scene – look no further. Reinvest24 offers a unique crowdfunding investment opportunity – real estate development projects in Moldova. Currently, there are two projects available for investing – a shopping center and two stages of a residential development loan. Moldova is an …

John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)

3 Lessons on how to grow wealth from the richest American ever


Reading Time: 4 minutes 181 years ago, on July 8th the pure legend of how to grow wealth was born – John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937). He founded the Standard Oil company in 18701, which is an “ancestor” of famous Oil giants such as BP Plc, ExxonMobil, and Chevron. In 1916 the entrepreneur was the first person ever whose nominal …

Reinvest24 Q2 overview

Reinvest24 Q2 2020 overview


Reading Time: 2 minutes The first month of summer has passed and it means it is the right time for Q2 overview. In this blog post, You will find out what happened at Reinvest24 in the past 3 months and what are the latest updates You must know.  Properties  Recently Reinvest24 started a major work towards new markets and …

Baltic real estate overview takeaways

Is the Baltics Real Estate market about to crash? Key webinar takeaways


Reading Time: 4 minutes What currently happens on the Baltics Real Estate market? Are we expecting the next market crash? To find that out, we invited our industry colleagues – CEO of Bulkestate – Igors Puntuss, Lars Wrobbel – Passives Einkommen mit P2P and Andis Birins – OBER HAUS Latvia Representative to join our CEO Tanel Orro in an …