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Insider updates on La Cañada development project

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In this blog article, we will share all the updates, as well as pictures from the construction fields of our La Canada development project from sunny Spain.

Key facts about the La Cañada development project:

  • Collateral – Owned by our SPV;
  • Fully developed and managed by the Reinvest24 team;
  • Monthly interest payments.

The update for 12.2022

The basis for the terraces and the pools are built now on all the houses are getting ready for tiling. Internal works are almost done. The next steps would include the installation of windows and doors, as well as later facade works.

The update for 11.2022

The pools and terraces are ready for 2 houses. Rooftops on all houses are built and prepared for the installation of devices.

The update for 09.2022

The walls are now built. The basis for the fence, pool foundation and electrical works are in progress.

The update for 06.2022

The architectural projects got updated and adjusted to the needs of modern families.

The initial state of the project in 05.2022

Last year in March, we published our fifth project from Spain, which is fully developed and managed by the Reinvest24 team. It consisted of 4 independent family houses with a private garden and a swimming pool. The developer has started the construction but didn’t have enough resources to proceed with the construction processes. At the time of purchasing this project, all 4 buildings had basic frames built without walls and rooftop.