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Is the Baltics Real estate market about to crash?

Is the Baltics Real Estate market about to crash? Key webinar takeaways


Reading Time: 4 minutes What currently happens on the Baltics Real Estate market? Are we expecting the next market crash? To find that out, we invited our industry colleagues – CEO of Bulkestate – Igors Puntuss, Lars Wrobbel – Passives Einkommen mit P2P and Andis Birins – OBER HAUS Latvia Representative to join our CEO Tanel Orro in an …

Insider updates on Metropolis 4D development project


Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently Reinvest24 started a major work towards new markets and diversification. We expanded into the new geographies such as Latvia and Moldova. So far we did quarterly overviews that kept investors informed about everything that happened with their investments during the last 3 months. Now we want to make you, even more, up-to-date about Reinvest24 …