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Insider updates on Metropolis 4D development project

Metropolis 4D insider updates
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Updates for 16.09.2020

Construction of the METROPOLIS district proceeds in accordance with the schedule and general plan. A special seismic resistance of the buildings was provided by the recent JET cementation technologies. This ensures high-level security and efficiency of the building. As of today, workers finished development works of the pit to the project mark and installed the ground-cement piles using JET installations: 124 piles, 1.5 m diameter, 6 m depth.

Besides that, now works are executed in two blocks of the first sector and each one is at a different stage of construction.

For example, at 1C block, the first 2 floors were built. As of today, the concreting of columns and diaphragm are fully completed and works related to the waterproofing the Foundation are executed. Also, the masonry of the boiler house on the first and second floors are finished.
As per block 1B, the foundation of it was built.

It is important to note, that the construction works are constantly going through the architectural control and quality checks which will ensure a high level of confidence for the future apartment buyers and commercial real estate tenants in the complex.

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Updates on Metropolis 4D project for 23.06.2020

At the moment, everything is prepared for starting construction works. Developers obtained all the permits and the Construction Board of the city of Chisinau approved the project. By now, the developers equipped the land plot with an entrance for large-sized transport and laid the foundation of the first floor.

During the last couple of weeks, developers updated and finalized the architectural project for Metropolis 4D apartment building. As well as projects for laying reinforced concrete construction, water and electricity network, heating and ventilation. 

The building is connected to temporary electricity and water supply sources. The constructors prepared the area around for construction works as well as they performed the earthworks on the land plot.

And, of course, here are some pictures from the construction fields of Moldova 4D project:

Key facts about the Metropolis 4D project:

  1. Eco-friendly apartments located in the greenest area of the city;
  2. Total yield – 14% – 15%
  3. LTV – 50%
  4. Collateral – 1st rank mortgage;
  5. Duration – 12 months;
  6. Provided by an experienced international developer, who has finished more than 10 residential complexes and 2583 apartments;
  7. The contract is in EUR currency, therefore currency risk is eliminated.

Recently Reinvest24 started a major work towards new markets and diversification. We expanded into the new geographies such as Latvia and Moldova. So far we did quarterly overviews that kept investors informed about everything that happened with their investments during the last 3 months.

Now we want to make you, even more, up-to-date about Reinvest24 development projects. Therefore we are introducing our new overview series – Insider updates. And the first guest of the “insider updates” is our premier development project from Moldova – Metropolis 4D development project.

What is going on in Moldova?

But what about Moldova and its capital city? Currently, the Republic on Moldova executes key steps towards making a modern and green-smart European city. The Chisinau Mayoralty has launched a joint project with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) for low carbon green development. The EUR 2.2 million, 5-year plan, which kicked off in 2018, marked a momentous first for Moldova as it set up the Green City Lab. The urban lab acts as an innovator to smart collaborative solutions that encourages sustainable economic growth. Additionally, it develops new markets and improves liveability overall.

Also, at the end of May, 2020, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) welcomed the Green City Action Plan approved by Chisinau’s city council, as part of the Moldovan capital’s participation in the EBRD’s flagship urban sustainability programme, EBRD Green Cities. 

The plan includes another four strategic objectives:

  • sustainable mobility and transport
  • climate-resilient ‘blue-green’ infrastructure
  • sustainable and efficient energy
  • sustainable resources and waste management.

According to the city’s official website, a total of 36 actions are prepared to achieve these objectives. The estimated total cost is €365 million. And the city, national budgets, the private sector or loans from international financial institutions will be the sources of it. With this support,  the city will focus on improving renewable energy use, collecting wood biomass and transforming it into energy; enhancing its sustainable mobility plan and urban transport network, making multi-storey apartments more energy-efficient. 

Above mentioned solutions will help the city become more sustainable while aiding the country in its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 64 percent by 2030.

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