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Where does investing 100 euros per month get you or how to become a millionaire?

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You may think you don’t have enough money to invest, but that’s not true. With our real estate investment platform you can become a real estate investor from 100€. Reinvest24 offers a wide range of investment properties that provide passive income from rental yield and great returns from capital growth. Our total combined return of 14.6% allows you to gradually build your long-term wealth from small investments and by reinvesting your profits. So, what would it look like, investing 100 euros into real estate each month with Reinvest24? Take a look.

Investing in real estate with Reinvest24 provides 8% rental yield

Our investment properties provide great returns from their increase in value and their monthly income from rent. Reinvest24 invests into the most profitable properties and provides investors with monthly passive income from all types of rental contracts, including highly profitable short-term rentals.

We currently have a market growth of 6%

Houses upwards

Our properties are all located in neighbourhoods with potential. The current real estate market growth rate is fairly stable, and the fact that households have more purchasing power only leads us to believe that our real estate values will continue to rise over the years. Gains from capital growth are received when you sell your shares.

Investing ​100 euros every month will become over 500K in just 30 years

Money on hand

You can choose to spend 100 euros on a fancy dinner, or you can decide to invest in real estate. By making regular 100 euro investments with Reinvest24, you will have enough money to enjoy fancy dinners every night in the long run. Your 100€ per month over a 30-year period, combined with the 8% rental yield and 6% market growth will become a great retirement plan.

Here are the different scenarios:

10 years

By the end of year 10, your 100€ per month investment will give you a total portfolio worth 26,602€.

20 years

Another 10 years later, your investment portfolio will be worth 129,811€.

30 years

And by the end of year 30, you will have 533,187€ which you can cash out whenever you want.

Investing more money each month will make you greater returns

Mercedes Benz

Naturally, by investing more money each month, your long-term investments will provide you with even better returns. Although 100€ is the minimum investment on Reinvest24, you can start small like many of our investors, and eventually increase your regular monthly investments.

The results according to regular monthly investments:

100 euros

Investing 100 euros regularly for 30 years will provide you with a portfolio worth 533,187.

200 euros

Doubling the monthly investment to 200 euros regularly for 30 years will provide you with a portfolio worth 1,137,965€.

500 euros

Increasing your monthly investment to 500 euros regularly for 30 years will provide you with an attractive portfolio worth 2,665,938€.

Putting down 10K and investing 100 euros per month will make you a millionaire in just 30 years

Rolls Royce Eleanore

What you really want is to become a millionaire, right? That means having 7 digits on your portfolio. Well, what if I told you that could happen in under 30 years.

Starting with 0

So, we already know that by investing 100 euros regularly for 30 years you would end up with a portfolio worth 533,187€.

However, by also making an initial investment of 10,000€ at the start of your investment period, you will make your dreams come true.

Starting with 10K

By investing 10K (one-time payment) and 100 euros regularly for 30 years, you will have an investment portfolio worth 1,066,375€.

Now you’re a millionaire. Mission accomplished! 

Reinvest24 investments growth

Start by making a small investment in real estate

Start small, but now

So, these are long-term results of making small investments into real estate. Making an initial 10K investment and investing 100€ per month for 30 years will grant you an investment portfolio worth over 1 million euros. Once you become an investor you can also invite friends to invest in real estate, potentially earning you even more money with our Reinvest24 Affiliate program. Check out our investment properties and join our community today.

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