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Becoming the first ones to provide investments in green energy projects

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Reinvest24 is entering a completely new chapter of the platform’s development. Today we start the path of providing investments in the sustainable green energy projects. With that being said, we opened the financing of building one of the biggest privately-owned solar panel parks in Chisinau, Moldova. And becoming the first investing platform from the Baltics to provide and implement institution-graded green energy projects for fractional investing.

“I’m very honoured with all the accomplishments our team has done recently. Reinvest24’s platform strongly becomes so much more than just a “money makes money” concept. By bringing the clean energy sector investments to the masses we not only deliver institution-graded earning opportunities but help developing markets grow faster, become independent, as well as overcome pollution issues. 

We have identified scaling opportunities in this sector, as financial institutions are not willing to finance the early stages of this kind of projects. Yet, they are interested in refinancing them once they are fully operating, as it provides sustainable long-term cash flow. This gap in the financing is the exciting opportunity we aim to bring to our investors and support our further growth with wider reach”

– Tanel Orro, CEO at Reinvest24.

The world is adapting to new realities, giving opportunities

Even though during the past years, humanity made major progress in lowering the usage of fossil fuels, the rationalization of energy consumption becomes vital. 

There is a strongly rising demand for technological modernisation with regard to energy consumption, as prices all over Europe rise. That would induce the implementation of energy-saving lighting and equipment in households, industries and all the parts of national economies. 

One of the key lessons the pandemic, as well as current geopolitical events, have taught us is the need for building resilience and independence. This means ensuring uninterruption of main government services, preparing for the next adversity and building sustainable models of growth.

Solar power as a strong alternative

According to the main research in the field, the Sun emits enough power onto Earth each second to satisfy the entire human energy demand for over two hours. Given that it is readily available and renewable, solar power is an attractive source of energy. Besides, it would stimulate the economy of developing countries. How? Simply put, a lower electricity price reduces the cost of production and increases profit. So, it could help households, because spending less on power means you can spend more on other things. Not to mention lowering carbon footprint and potentially having higher property values.

Source: – Anders J

Solar plant parks – the future of Moldova

Moldova’s energy self-sufficiency is very low, which even ranks the country among the lowest ones in the world. During the past decades, Moldova implemented several state programs for the exploitation of renewable energy. As the latest addition, the country approved alternative power supply systems to be located on agricultural land without the need to go through long and expensive legal processes. The main benefits of the changes are to cover the shortage of electricity generated by local sources. It is a big move towards a sustainable future that also brings business and investment opportunities. Our plant will become one of the biggest power plants in the country. Thus, making a significant contribution to the increasing green energy supply.

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