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Insider updates on Metropolis Business apartments

Metropolis Business apartments
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In this blog article, You will find out the latest updates about the Metropolis business apartments project and see the pictures from the construction fields. 

Metropolis business apartments is a unique full-featured apartment hotel and event business center, aimed at both the local business audience and businessmen coming to Moldova for business meetings and projects. 

Realtime view

From now on, we offer an exclusive opportunity to follow the progress of the project’s development works, using real-time cameras. The stream is currently supported with all internet browsers, but Chrome.

Update for 02.09.2021

As for now, the construction of the building is 60% completed and the developers started the selling process. Right now the team is working on internal works, that covers strengthening and concreting the walls, laying floors and etc. Also, the technical equipment of the elevator and the exit to the rooftop is completely ready. Invest in the 8th funding stage of this project and help the developer complete it faster.

Updates on the progress 01.03.2021

As of today, the construction is 53% ready and You can already see the building frame with the walls and 11 floors. The architectural projects for business apartments are currently finalised and the orders for the materials to implement the next stage of construction works are already placed. The next stage will start with elevating ground levels next to the building, reconstructing the penthouse section and then the developer will start with the facade works. The building is planned to be commissioned in the beginning of 2022.

Key facts about the project:

  • LTV – 50%. Please note that for this project several stages are planned and the LTV for each stage will not exceed 50%;
  • Collateral – 1st rank mortgage;
  • Duration – 12 months;
  • The contract is in EUR currency, therefore currency risk is eliminated;
  • Provided by an experienced international developer.

Read the full project description here.

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