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Estonian development projects Lake residentials

Insider updates on Lake residentials development project


Reading Time: 2 minutes With this blog post, we will keep you updated on the progress of the Estonian project Lake residentials development. Key facts about the Lake residentials development project: Category – Real estate backed loanPayment frequency – Monthly interest paymentsCollateral – 1st rank mortgage, with the possibility of bank financing in later stages (replacing 1st rank)Country – …

Rae residential evelopment project in Estonia

Insider updates on Rae residential development project


Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog post, we will keep you updated on the progress of our Rae residential development project. Key facts about Rae residential development project: Category – Development projectPayment frequency – Monthly interest paymentsCollateral – Secured with a mortgage, with possibility of bank financing in later stages (replacing 1st rank)Country – Estonia Update for 30.08.2023 …


Smart real estate millionaires who invested in property and held on to it


Reading Time: 5 minutes Real estate is a dream investment when it comes to capital growth. You can invest in something today, and in a few years, your real estate’s value could be through the roof. The appreciation of your property can make you a millionaire with just one real estate deal. The secret is to buy property in …

Invest now or wait

Should I invest now or wait for the next market crash?


Reading Time: 3 minutes So you would like to make an investment in real estate but keep hearing all these things about the market crashing. Should I wait? Nonsense! You have no idea when the right time is going to arrive. Meanwhile, you’re losing money and opportunities every day. The truth is, there’s no better time to invest your …

How we choose the right property

How we choose the right investment objects


Reading Time: 5 minutes Wondering how to evaluate real estate investment opportunities? We at Reinvest24 choose only those real estate investment objects that make sense. We look for real estate with potential, properties with good rental yield and projects that will increase in value over time. It is our duty to make sure we select the right investment objects …

Tallinn real estate

The economy in the Baltic states keeps growing and here’s why


Reading Time: 4 minutes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have received the appellation of ‘Baltic Tigers’ for good reason. When it comes to Estonia, for example, the country has been flourishing since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, Estonia ranks 3rd in the European region when it comes to economic freedom. Estonia’s focus on the IT sector …

Real estate prices grow

Why real estate prices have grown and always will


Reading Time: 5 minutes Real estate values generally always increase in the long run. The gentrification of cities, growing population rates and increasing demands for accommodation around the world are causing prices to move upwards each year. Our expertise is based on the European real estate market. And from what we know, the price index for real estate in …